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of snow in new york, up to 3 feet in bridgeport, connecticut. we'll have more on that in a bit. on new york's long island, drivers had to be res crewed from their vehicles after getting stranded. at least four deaths are being blamed on this storm. >> people from new york, straight up through new england, are digging out. after a nor'easter dumped more than 3 feet of snow in some areas. >> we have a snow blower, so my husband is somewhere in the neighborhood cleaning other people's houses. >> highways turned into parking lots overnight. emergency crews moved in to rescue dozens of people forced to spend the night in their cars on new york's long island. in connecticut, workers tried to keep the sidewalks outside their businesses clear. connecticut's governor is asking people to stay off the roads so plows can clear the streets. many people would have trouble even getting to their cars. many vehicles are buried under the snow. >> it's a similar scene in massachusetts. streets are filled with people digging out their cars. in boston, some residents chose to run or walk. >> and along
. >> you along with the governor of massachusetts and connecticut closed i-95 which is atypical, but this is an atypical storm. is i-95 back open yet? >> no, no, absolutely not. we've got to keep people off the roads. >> okay. >> and the travel ban remains in effect. we're calling in guards men that are on some of the onramps. we couldn't get to them. make sure people stay off the roads right now. that's critical. >> talk to me about that. we're seeing that in new york. i think it wasn't as bad as people thought in new york. they got in their cars, headed out, now they're stranded. any idea how many people you have stranded at this point. you're calling in the national guard to help them. it's serious, if they run out of gas, they run out of heat in their car. >> many, many onramps. also pushing the wall of snow up against those ramps, people getting turned around, stranded trying to keep their engines running. common sense, stay off the roads. you l might look like the road's good here, but further down the road, you're in deep, deep snow. and that just snarls all of our effort
to an incredible 3 feet in parts of connecticut. boston got smacked with two feet, leaving people there with a new big dig to deal with. ron who used to live in boston will remember the big dig. it was the largest public works project in the history of mankind. we have a new project for boston now. >> an extreme weather team is where the snow is this morning. fanned out across the storm zone. with the latest on what's to come, how to handle it when you get back on the roads, as well. >> our coverage of the blizzard of 2013, sam champion and ginger zee. let's go first to sam, our weather editor in new york's columbus circle this morning. sam, good morning. >> good morning, dan and bianna. we're on a side street here. this is andrew. we've been helping him dig out from the snowfall totals. this is his car. we're going to get it out for him this morning. we have the eight inches of snow. andrew, i'll step on the other side of this. and you keep going. we got about that eight inches of snow in new york city. take a look at the snowfall totals we've got on the boards for you this morning. with some pla
with the snowfall. in connecticut, the snow is beginning to accumulate on sidewalks. people are being warned to stay inside and off the roads. here's a live picture from boston. the snow is falling heavy and steady. wjz is live with complete coverage. marley hall is in connecticut, where a state of emergency has been declaredded. christie ileto has more. first, meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are tracking the storm on first warning live doppler radar. >>> and it's a very, very impressive-looking storm. really, it's a strong northeaster. very deep low pressure. sitting out with very warm water out in the atlantic. and that's helping to it to -- it to really grow. you can see heavy bands of rain and snow now, moving over portions of inland, connecticut. and around the new york area. we have a little rain moving through. that's pretty much all we're going to see. maybe a snow shower moving into our region later on tonight. the main impact will be primarily wind and a little snow out there in garrett county. northern maryland. yes, we'll probably
. an astounding 36 inches in connecticut. >>> in the dark. snow and near hurricane-forced winds cut power for 600,000 homes and businesses in the path of this mammoth storm. >>> don't even try it. roads and highways closed throughout the storm zone. cars stranded on the highways. and look at this massive pileup in connecticut. there's even a 24-hour travel ban in three states. the mayor of boston ordering people to, quote, stay home. >>> the big digout. and now, the hard part. keeping all of that wet, dangerous snow off roads and roofs. >> our storm team is out to bring you the latest details from the heart of the storm zone. >>> good morning, everybody. i think we have a live shot of the snow coming down in new england at this moment. the blizzard of 2013, not finished yet. and the effects, i guarantee this, we'll be feeling them for days. >> these images are amazing. we're beginning to get a picture of just how bad the storm is. states of emergency declared from new york to maine. the snow pounded down at an incredible rate of two to three inches an hour in some spots. >> up to 12 inches in new
. >> heather: five states, new york, massachusetts, connecticut, new hampshire and rhode island declared states of emergency overnight. ground transportation has been paralyzed. as of this hour, rhode island and massachusetts, they are lifting their driving ban. meanwhile, airlines, they cancelled more than 5300 flights. >> gregg: a lot of people stranded. we'll fill you in everything. i'm gregg jarrett. >> heather: i'm heather childers welcome back to a brand-new hour. the storm is blamed important at least three deaths. that number could climb as we learn more. >> gregg: massachusetts in particular taking a heavy blow from this major blizzard where we begin live with molly standing by in boston. >> reporter: hi, gregg. it will be a cold night for several hundred thousand people. particularly south on the cape cod where the power remains out. utility crews are getting ready and the wind dies down. here in boston as you mentioned the travel ban has been lifted. you can see a lot of cars back out on the highways but governor is urging patience. the roads and highways and second roads are pretty
. limited he roads are treacherous. stranded cars are all over the .oadways in connecticut, the national check forsent out to standard motors. -- stranded motors. we will send resources to both of those states. we will send crews to connecticut in also massachusetts. we do not get a lot of snow around the district, we got plenty of wind. .his is in arlington despite the wind, power that thereell us were no major outages. winds spectate to die down as the evening goes on. >> let's go to steve rudin. good news. the winds are slowly diminishing. it will pick him, as he moved through the early morning hours. 37 at dulles international airport. montgomery county at 36. 43 in fredericksburg. looking for the location of that storm? it is away from boston. this will make it the fifth on record fororm boston. 9 inches of snow from the system. nothing like that across our area. mainly clear skies for the evening. temperatures are 36-42 degrees. talk about a potential for a few days ahead. might be some potential for some snow. full details coming up in a few minutes. a maryland woman is dead tonig
the latest from wjz from hartford connecticut. >> reporter: cars are having a tough time navigating the snowy roads in hartford connecticut. this family went out for lunch and got stuck. >> thank you so much. >> we were a little ways. >> luckily we got out of it. there were people out there to help us. >> reporter: across the northeast, millions of people are digging out are from up to 3 feet of snow and thousands in 8 states with still waiting for the lights and heat to come back on. crews are making progress with street cleaning, but the next challenge is getting rid of mountains of snow that are piling up all over town. bus service is getting back on track are. ray and doris gunter radar on one of the first -- arrived on one of the first buses. they celebrated their wedding anniversary in st. croix. and more than 5000 flights were canceled on thursday and friday and. crews are working to clear cars from the long island expressway are, trying to get one another of the busiest expressways open and ready in time for monday morning's commute. in h
from darian, connecticut. ashleigh, how are you? >> reporter: well, it is very, very snowy here, marty. i was taking the drive because the media was allowed to be on the roads last night but everybody else wasn't. between greenwich, connecticut, and darian, connecticut, on that 95 corridor as you look at your map all the way to new haven and beyond. and i have never been on a freeway like that, with five cars over the course of about a 45-minute drive, driving about 25, 30 miles an hour. if you've ever imagined 95 looking like a farmer's field, that's what it looked like, trying to make headway throughout the night. it was about 12:00 midnight, 1:00 am. just look i said, absolutely remarkable to see that people really did, for the most part, heed the travel ban warnings. that may be why we're not getting as many reports of huge traffic pileups or even accidents that might have been critical or lethal. i saw not one accident. again, i only passed five cars in total in 45 minutes. you can see your map, this thing is just monstrous. my own home is blanketed in two feet of snow. the boughs
out power, trapping drivers and crippling travel. we have reports throughout new england, connecticut and new york. hello to all of you, welcome to an early edition of "weekends with alex witt." the latest on the storm, right now, nearly 100 cars trapped on new york's long island expre expressw expressway. no word on when they will be rescued. a car accident killed a 74-year-old pedestrian in new york state. most warned others to stay off the roads. >> it just took us ten minutes to drive three blocks. that's how bad it is. >> we've seen a couple accidents. seen a lot of people getting stuck. >> it's pretty bad out here if you don't have 4-wheel drive, you shouldn't be on the road. >> it has knocked out power to customers, mainly in massachusetts. rhode island has the second most outages. frustrated flyers waking up in airports. logan airport is closed. so far, airlines canceled 5,300 flights through today. the massive storm as seen from space. noaa released this photo before the storm ens phied and grew even larger. let's get the latest from the forecast and snow totals from nbc mete
are digging out today. connecticut, not boston, as predicted, was hit hardest with some cities getting more than 3 feet of snow. 65,000 customers across the region, they are without power. we're live in the storm zone and have a report straight ahead. >>> in chicago, first lady michelle obama is attending the funeral of a 15-year-old honor student and band majorette who was killed about a mile from the obamas' family home. hadiya pendleton was shot and killed while she and friends were trying to escape rain by seeking shelter in a children's park. the shooting happened just days after the teenager who always had a smile performed at the president's inauguration. a $40,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. >>> he's considered armed and very violent. in los angeles, police are heading back up to into the air using helicopters to find the ex-cop they accuse of killing three people already. one of them is a police officer who dorner allegedly ambushed. billboards are up all over the place showing christopher dorner's face. he says that he wants revenge on those who unfairl
, connecticut. winds are slamming cities including providence, rhode island, and boston. we'll take you live across the region ahead. >>> she is the newest face in the war on gun violence. today, n chicago, a 15-year-old hadiya pendleton will be buried. among her mourners, first lady michelle obama. pendleton was shot in the back and killed just days after she marched in the president's inaugural parade. >>> in los angeles, police are suddenly the targets of a man who used to wear the uniform. billboards are up as law enforcement agencies in three states hunt a former l.a. cop that's accused of killing an officer and threatening others. he says that he wants revenge on those who cost him his job. >>> police at the grammys will be on guard for their own safety since dorner's threats, but the show will go on. and a new name and suddenly a grammy favorite, singer frank ocean, had has surfaced. he has racked up six nominations including new artist of the year and album of the year. >>> the blizzard is still dumping snow across the northeast. some areas of connecticut are seeing as much as three
the driving ban in connecticut. the gusts are significant. we're expecting blizzard-type gusts to continue in the connecticut area. that makes for a difficult condition because the snow gets whipped up. it's not falling anymore, marty. the snow has stopped falling. in fact, the sun was out. but when the wind whips up, think of the movie "fargo." when the wind just blows that snow over the highway and you can't really see much of what the highway looks like anymore. that's what's happening. there's a lot of whipping snow amidst the sun. shockingly, idiots who have decided to come out and get to where they think they need to be which is what they shouldn't be doing. it's hard for plows, even personal plows, people who affixed front-end plows to their four by fours and are on the road, they can't make it around to help people dig out. marty, we've got reports of several people spending the night on 95 stuck in their vehicles just like the long island expressway where i know mary snow has been headed to and reporting from. yeah, stupid for those who think they need to be somewhere. they really
records are bound to be broken. we have reports from massachusetts, connecticut, new york and rhode island. hello, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt." let's get to the very latest. we have some new warnings to share. they are to stay off the roads. the rhode island governor ordering a travel ban of the state and closing all roads. drivers in massachusetts and connecticut face similar restrictions. >>> on new york's long island, the heavy snowfall trapping hundreds of drivers on a major expressway. police used snomobiles to get to some of those stranded. more than half a million customers still without power across the region with the numbers getting better in the past few hours. most of them are in massachusetts with more than 400,000 outages. rhode island has nearly 173,000 without power. connecticut more than 38,000 outages. other states fared a little bit better. >>> even though new york area airports began receiving flights today, the ripple effects across this country, airlines cancelling more than 5300 flights this week. and reporter jonathan hall from our nbc affiliate w
into gear and state wide driving bans in effect in connecticut and massachusetts. >> fox news alert, the manhunt continuing in california for an extremely dangerous individual. christopher dorner is a unique suspect to police because of his tactical and firearms training he gained from his time in the u.s. navy and los angeles police department. and he may also be armed to the hilt so how are s.w.a.t. teams going to find him. let's bring in rod wheeler, fox news contributor and former washington d.c. homicide detective and rod, this is a serious case as in any situation, but what's unique about this, is that this is one of lapd's, a former cop who knows inside-- the insides of how to operate tactically and how to be deceptive and intelligence. so how do you track a guy like that. >> you're exactly right. this guy has been very well-trained not only with the the l.a. police department, kelly, but also an a member of the navy. the navy reserves. so we know what we're up against and to be honest, this is one of the worst types of situations any police department can find themselves con
's south station to hartford, connecticut, today was all about moving on. >> we've been trying to get on trains, planes and automobiles for the last day or so. >> reporter: limited service resumed on the railways, flights were back on the boards. some even highlighting on-time departures. while the sunday sun was bright, the next day or two may pale by comparison as damages continue to mount around the region, perhaps delaying a quick return to normal. large parts of the long island expressway remained closed as plows opened escape routes for hundreds of stranded cars. nearby, heavy snow was blamed for a roof collapse at a bowling alley. today the president declared a federal emergency in hard-hit connecticut. in short, the blizzard's impact was significant and tragic. at least 12 deaths reported, including two carbon monoxide poisonings, both resulting from snow-clogged tailpipes. 635,000 customers lost power, more than 5,000 flights grounded, mass transit stopped in its tracks. and cleaning up the mess for some has turned more personal than preferred. my colleague ron allen. >> repo
, connecticut, all declaring states of emergency and warning drivers to stay off the road. >> it is a massive winter storm, dropping a staggering amount of snow across the northeast. in some areas, including boston, accumulations could reach 3 feet or more. some of that snow pushed by winds of up to 75 miles an hour. a brutal combination, creating dangerous blizzard conditions. >> the storm has literally stopped most of new england in its tracks. more than 1800 cancellations at new york area airports, 4700 flights cancelled nationwide. the governor of massachusetts today ordered off cars off the road way starting at 4:00, a move that that made sense after this 19 car pile up in maine. scattered cars across the road and into ditches. >> please, please, exercise caution and use common sense. this storm is the result of two converging systems colliding over the northeast. >> the conditions are horrible. horrible even for veteran snow plow operators. >> last year we had a mild winter. very mild. and i guess, mother nature is maki making for last year. >> mother nature delivering a powerful punch
, connecticut, all the way up towards boston. this other storm has been throwing the snows across the i- 90 corridor up into new england. they've had 6 inches of snow in parts of maine and this snow will be prolific, 2 feet be maybe more than that across parts of new england. for us, temperature in the 30s to low 40s. and 1.6 inches rain down in leeville. once that line of showers moves through, you may see a break or two in the overcast. temperatures not going to get much warmer into the lower 40s butt winds are going to be picking up big time tonight. i'll be back in a few minutes and we'll talk about what can you expect for the rest of your weekend. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the storm is canceling travel plans for residents in new england. united airlines canceled 2,000 flights nationwide. we have a report from rag and national airport. >> reporter: about a dozen flights to new york have been canceled, eight so far to boston. all though are in the afternoon. word is as of noon today, logan airport in boston shut down. however, folks heading to new england able to score an early morn
. connecticut governor dan mallorks oy is holding a new's conference on the massive blizzard. we'll go to him live as he discusses what went on and hit connecticut and massachusetts hard. >> a few things i want to touch before i take questions. the state police responded to over 1500 calls for service. we have 270 national guard on duty and few hundred more head negligent armories as i speak. we are assigning them tasks on behalf of the state agencies and working with municipalit ies . additionally back to i should say other executive orders. why signed an executive order allowing nonessential ambulance calls to be handled in the discretion of the agency that would be dispatching. if it is not an essential call, and the area can't be reached, they can put that off. on the other hand with respect to other calls, they can use 4 by 4 vehicles to respond when they know ambulance will not respond. a few other things. we have 40,000 or 39,000 customers in the primarily southeastern portion of the state without power by cl&p. they are amazing resources in that portion of the state and they'll give y
careports from connecticut, massachusetts, and gro throughout the area. video cominging in to us from new york. that is where nearly 100 cars are stuck out on the long island expressway. no word on when they will be rescued. a car accident killed a 74-year-old pedestrian in new york state. drivers encountering standed cars across the region. >> it's the cars before they plow got stuck and now they can't plow around them and you can't pass them, that's where you getting stuck. >> a dozen or so cars, getting stuck going up the hill. >> storm knocked out power to 645,000 customers. rhode island has the second most outages. frustrated flyers waking up in airports this morning. so far, airports canceled more than 5,300 flights through today. newark liberty airport had been closed. but expecting to open this hour. so are we close to the end? we'll get the latest now on the forecast. snow totals from nbc meteorologist bill karins. good morning to you. >>> good morning, alex. an amazing storm conditions. we're not done yet. all our friend up in maine are still dealing with brunt of the storm from
weather up north. connecticut still bracing for more snowfall as workers continue to dig out from the win ter weather. fox's elizabeth prann has more. >> reporter: connecticut got slammed bit blizzard, zombie more than three feet of snow. it's a long process to get that road cleared from the roadway. what is connecticut doing? new haven is creating snow depositories. some pile high in parking lots to get it off the streets. some areas already reached capacity. we watched pay loaders dump trucks fall of snow. more than 816 million-pound of snow fell on just the roadways in new havens. that's not including parks and private properties. city and state officials are putting in a constant effort to get life back to normal. some residents critical of the process, some of whom were forced to take time off were critical. to give you have an idea of how boots were on the ground, over the course of the storm, hundreds of national guardsmen were across the state to help out and there are about 40 who remain. officials tell us they are prepared and that all roads are passable. in new haven, connectic
slammed with hurricane-force winds and looks like connecticut is taking the brunt of the snow and up to two feet of snow in some places, more to come elsewhere falling at a clip of 3 inches an hour. and hundreds of cars now stuck in that snow on long island on the long expressway and sunrise highway. the roads are closed now to just about everybody except those emergency vehicles. police say nose have been rescued but still some are stranded. we'll have an update from long island in always ji fjust a few >>> it knocked out power to 600,000 households and businesses across eight states. winds are gusting in some places 70 miles an hour. that won't help and, that, of course, is tearing down the tree limbs and power lines and leaving families in the dark and bitter cold. massachusetts is hardest hit. at this particular point, that is. >>> in rhode island, more than 800,000 customers don't have electricity, more than a fifth of its population. poppy harlow is there. >> reporter: i wouldn't like to do it with anyone but you, good morning, marty, good morning, america. many of you waking u
ashleigh banfield on the road talkinabout the hazardous driving conditions in connecticut. thank you very much. >>> now, our coverage of the blizzard in the northeast continues right now. >>> good morning, everyone i'm martin savidge in for randi kaye. it is 10:00 on the east coast, 7:00 on the west. thank you very much for starting your day with us. welcome, of course, to all of our viewers joining us from overseas. we're following three big stories today across this country. one, a monster blizzard is smacking the northeast with hurricane-force winds. bury something cities in more than two feet of snow. >>> on the west coast, the manhunt underway for a suspected cop killer in southern california. police say christopher dorner is armed and dangerous. >>> then in chicago, there is the memorial for an honors student by the name of hadiya pendleton. she was gunned down there just a week after performing at president obama's inauguration. >>> first, to that blizzard. cnn crews covering the story from about every angle you can imagine. some have been knee deep i
're in connecticut or new york, you're coming out to clear out your car, to make sure that before you start running the car, make sure all parts of the car are clear. deb? >> all right. a tragic and vital lesson. jason carol, thank you so much. we really appreciate your reporting today. thanks. >>> connecticut, which got hit especially hard by the blizzard, is struggling to dig itself out. helping state crews to clear roads in the state. about 600,000 people, they're without power across the region. you can see what it looked like there. most of those people without power in massachusetts, rhode island, new york, connecticut and maine. we see the massachusetts numbers there going down. they were above 400,000 earlier today. that number has now dropped. connecticut, and that's where we find our ashleigh banfield. so ashley, how is it out there? >> reporter: the sun is going down. and guess what happens when the sun goes down, deb? the temperature goes down too. and the warning here tonight is i just feel like debby downer all day. warning, warning, warning. but this is serious. the temperature is g
to watch nancy grace weeknights at 8:00 pm on our sister network, hln. >>> connecticut is getting one of the states -- one of the states getting hardest hit by this harsh winter storm. the town of darien is already buried under more than a foot and a half of snow. we'll find out how residents there are coping. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. see what's new from campbell's. google's backyard for the wbing it on challenge.. [fight bell: ding, ding] what's your preferred search engine? search engine, uhh, probably google. if we do a side by side blind test comparison, and you end up choosing google, you get an xbox. i'll bet you the xbox, you bet me your son. well let's look up what you need. okay, i would do the left. yeah? what?! i am a daddy! bing wins it! bing won. bing did win. people prefer bing over google for the web's top searches. don't believe it? go
, connecticut first seeing the most accumulation, and all major shut down citi hour, massachusetts getting battered with more than 20 inches of snow and the winds, they hit hurricane force level, reaching more than 75 miles per hour overnight and back here in new york, the honk island expressway at a stand still and crews working to clear hundreds of cars that got stranded in the snow. anna kooiman is live in new york central park with the latest and there people are enjoying, but certainly, it was a tough night, anna. >> reporter: absolutely. you've got that right. waking up to a winter wonderland after dealing with a real mess last night and into the overnight. good morning to you, good morning to everybody. 30 million people across the northeast dealing with a foot of snow or more and 11 million people according to the national weather service dealing with two feet or more, here in central park and enjoying 11.4 inches and upped their snow totals. only one storm related death to report. that happened in upstate new york, travel bans are still in effect in massachusetts and connecticut.
with hurricane-force winds and looks like connecticut is taking the brunt of the snow. more than 2 feet in some places and there is more to come. elsewhere, it is falling at a clip of 3 inches an hour. >>> hundreds of cars are stuck in the snow in the long island expressway and sunrise highway. the roads are closed on about everybody but emergency vehicles. police say that most people are resc rescued, but some are still stranded. we'll have an update in a few minutes. >>> and the blizzard has knocked out power to more than 650,000 homes and businesses across eight states. you can see that in a breakdown we've got for you here. winds gusting up to 70 miles an hour and that's tearing down tree limbs and when the limbs go down, they tend to drag the power lines with them. massachusetts is hardest hit at this point. in rhode island, though, more than 180,000 customers don't have electricity. and that is almost a fifth of that tiny state's population. and cnn's poppy harlow in providence. at least the lights are on where you are. >> reporter: yeah. you know, marty, i want to set the scene for our v
, connecticut covering that. how are things looking where you are, ashleigh? >> reporter: it's not about the look, it's about the feel, brianna. the light is going down, the sun is going down, the temperatures are going down. and yet, brianna, we still have clogged arteries. clogged roadways. that 95 is still a parking lot where i am in fairfield, connecticut. plows are pretty intermittent and while you do see some people traveling, because they are allowed to travel, technically, they're not supposed to be, anyway. the governor here has said please just stay off the roads and let the utility companies get to restore power. let the plows do their job. we're just now hearing a confirm savings five known fatalities in this state alone. this is where the record snowfalls were found, brianna, so it's still an emergency. blizzard warnings may be over, but the emergency is not over. and we are going down to minus 10 with the wind chill here. so if your car gets stuck, and you get buried, you're going to be cold, and that can be lethal. let me give you a couple other big headlines for the day n
. people in areas buried under the snow have to deal with frigid temperatures here in hartford, connecticut, it's expected to drop into the single digits overnight. thousands of people will have to brave those temperatures outelectricity. at the height of the storm, more than 650,000 people lost power and officials say that it will take time to restore it. >> this is going to be a multi- day event. could be monday, could be tuesday. people need to brace themselves and they need to find shelter if they are cold. >> reporter: while the cleanup continues, some people are trying to enjoy this big blast of winter. marley hall for cbs news. >>> it's a fantastic day for a giants. >> fans get a chance of a lifetime to meet and say hello to the san francisco giants >>> we are less than 24 hours from music's most exciting night of the year. a power house of stars will take stage at the yamies. we'll take you backstage for a look at the rehearsal. >>> the abun damages of sunshine in the forecast is music to many people's here is but we could use more rain. the rain drops and when we can expect it. the
, also. this state had consequences, but nothing like our neighboring states. the state of connecticut, the situation was worse and the situation in the state of massachusetts was much, much worse. i spoke to governor malloy of connecticut and governor duval patrick of massachusetts. we're in a position where we're going to be sending resources to both of those states. we'll send plow equipment personnel to connecticut and also massachusetts. we'll be also sending utility crews to connecticut and massachusetts. in terms of power outages, we have an issue in suffolk county, about 10,000 people are out of power and we have been working with the utility companies there and we'll be sending resources, but we can also send resources to connecticut and massachusetts and we'll be doing that and then they were hit much harder than the state of new york so we wish them well and i wish their governors well. i ask the people of the state to use consideration today, if you really don't need to leave the house for an urgent matter, don't leave the house. there are crews all over the state working t
and connecticut and they did not get hit as hard and the national weather service saying in central park, 11.4 inches of snow. in new york, blizzard conditions stranded about 150 cars in the long island expressway and motorists in other areas as well making for a complicated situation, plows and crews could to their work or could not do their work, rather, emergency workers are still having to go car to car to make rescues in some areas, and governor cuomo is urging residents to stay off the roads. >> i asked the people of the state to use consideration today. if you really don't need to leave the house for an urgent matter, don't leave the house. there are crews all over the state working to clear the roads. it becomes more complicated when people are on the roads. >> so the last report we have, 650,000 power outages, not sure on the progress made on that. the worst is in massachusetts and rhode island and not so bad, in new york, new jersey and connecticut and we do have four confirmed deaths in canada and also, one in connecticut and then in upstate new york as well. uma, back to you. >>
-turvey in connecticut, too. and signs of things getting worse before getting better were just about everywhere throughout the storm zone, as power trucks await the calls of duty from as far away as ohio. >> i'm asking the general public to make decisions that are wise. >> reporter: officials again repeated warnings for people to stay home and out of the mounting mess. >> i guess mother nature is making up for last year. >> reporter: yielding to fleets of snowplows, making room for emergencies. in rhode island, a slow start for accumulations quickened by afternoon. massachusetts and connecticut governors each order roadways clear at 4:00, a ban on traffic. for those still needing to travel, rail service ground to a halt, triggering a midday evening rush at new york's penn station. airports, including laguardia, were at all but a standstill. >> i'm from minnesota. i know snow. but just don't want to be stuck here for a few days. >> reporter: the exodus turned hustle and bustle in providence and boston into what looked like movie sets, minus the action. >> this is coming right off the ocean here.
are tracking storm. christie ileto and bob turk. and marley hall is in connecticut, bracing for the storm. let's go first to bob and tim. >> this storm was off the carolina coast. then moved off the new jersey coast. just too far away from our region. except for rain on the eastern shore. in fact, salisbury picked up almost 1.75 inches rain. low pressure now, heading up toward east of nantucket. heavy precip out of the ocean. that's all rain snow line now from new york to easton, providence, rhode island. some of those bands may drop 2 to 3 inches of snow in an hour. in our region, we will see wind out of this system once it passes, with wind gusts over 40 miles an hour possible across north central portions of maryland. and the shenandoah valley to the west of us. that's in effect from late tonight, through tomorrow morning. but temperature-wise, we're still in the 30s. 37. 37 in elkton. it's warmer to the south. cold spot, oakland with shower activity there, expect it tonight. 32 degrees. now, what impact this is going to have on the northeast.
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